Introducing iconerator – automatically generate all app market icons from a single image file

The icon requirements from the iOS App Store (9 unique) and Google Play Market (6 unique) are annoying to say the least.  Updating one pepperoni on the SliceIsRight means generating 15 new icons following the specific guidelines set forth by the Apple & Google gatekeepers.  The bain of every developer’s existence is boring, repetitive tasks (ex/ re-sizing and compressing a slew of PNGs) and it boggles me why this process has not already been automated by the open source community.  To save us all the headache (and the $3 – $5 for some lame Mac app GUI), I give you Iconerator – a customizable command line tool to automate the generation of app market icons.

Installing and running iconerator is easy.  Assuming you have node/npm installed along with homebrew:

$ brew install imagemagick && brew install graphicsmagick

$ npm install -g iconerator


And now next time you need to generate all of those app market icons, simply run with:

$ iconerator [options] <img file ...> <optional output path ...>

ex/   $ iconerator sliceisright.png .


Depending on any options you include, an android and an ios directory will be created in the specified  directory and will contain all of the necessary icon sizes & resolutions with appropriate names.

Only releasing to the iOS App Store?  No problem – just include the --only-ios  option.


The full list of default icon sizes (in pixels) is:

  • 29×29 (iOS)
  • 36×36 (Android)
  • 40×40 (iOS)
  • 48×48 (Android)
  • 58×58 (iOS)
  • 60×60 (iOS)
  • 72×72 (Android)
  • 76×76 (iOS)
  • 80×80 (iOS)
  • 96×96 (Android)
  • 120×120 (iOS)
  • 144×144 (Android)
  • 152×152 (iOS)
  • 512×512 (iOS & Android)
  • 1024×1024 (iOS)


The processing script itself is only ~80 lines of JavaScript.  Quick & easy, but a useful time-saver.  Hope it helps!